Central Marketing Transport Services: Logistics Case Study


Central Marketing Transport Services (CMTS):

Founded in the 1920s, CMTS is a prominent player in the trucking industry, managing a fleet of 18-wheelers nationwide. With hundreds of employees, including truckers, marketers, and logistics managers, they are a 24/7 operation providing marketing, service coordination, and logistics management.

“When it came to our IT infrastructure, we needed a solution that could keep up with our 24/7 operation. With the help of Core Managed, we made the leap to the cloud, streamlining our operations and achieving unparalleled uptime. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
– Bob Bergen, Central Transport Marketing Services (CMTS)


Overcoming Infrastructure Inefficiencies with Cloud Migration
CMTS faced a significant challenge in migrating their services to the cloud while maintaining uninterrupted uptime, especially during multiple physical relocations. The primary goal was to enhance efficiency by eliminating on-premise servers, a move complicated by the diverse functions these servers handled.


Methodical Cloud Migration and Optimizing Email Infrastructure
The sheer volume of emails, programs, features, roles, and functions housed in on-premise servers posed a significant hurdle. The migration strategy involved meticulous testing of each feature before disabling
it from the on-premises infrastructure. Leveraging Microsoft’s cloud services for the Exchange email server streamlined operations, achieving 99.9% uptime. Proactive measures were implemented to address challenges arising from the high volume of emails, ensuring optimal performance and preventing mailbox overload.


Empowering Workforce and Achieving Geographic Independence

The implementation of cloud services, particularly Microsoft’s, proved transformative for CMTS. By utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory, users could sign into any computer from anywhere, anytime. Hosting files via Sharepoint allowed collaboration and productivity to be maintained regardless of proximity or location. The use of Microsoft Exchange online meant we could work proactively on any email issues without halting productivity.

The shift allowed the workforce to operate seamlessly from various locations, eliminating the need for VPNs or shared drives. The decentralization of work processes enabled users to work from home without constraints, fostering geographic independence. In the event
of a main office outage, the ability for users to disperse and continue operations ensured business continuity.


Achieving Unprecedented Freedom and Flexibility
The cloud migration project exceeded CMTS’s expectations by liberating them from physical servers and dependence on a single ISP. Users now experience a level of freedom and flexibility unprecedented in their operations. This case study established a precedent for future cloud migration projects, showcasing the efficacy of a methodical approach and proactive solutions in overcoming infrastructure inefficiencies.

“Partnering with Core Managed for our cloud migration was a game-changer. Now, our team can access files and stay connected from anywhere, anytime. Thanks to their expertise, we’ve achieved newfound freedom and flexibility in our operations.”
– Bob Bergen, Central Transport Marketing Services (CMTS)