Ding ding, round one

Today it’s a fight between reactive and proactive IT. Who do you think will win?


It used to be the case that when something broke, you’d call IT support and they’d come rushing in to fix the problem.

And that was great. You could judge a company based on its reaction times.

But the problem was, every time an issue occurred, the business would grind to a halt until it was repaired. And nobody ever took the time to look at the bigger picture to work out a better solution.

Today, we do things differently.


These days, a good IT partner will spend more of its time working away in the background, making updates, maintaining your system, and managing everything so that problems are less likely to occur in the first place.

The less you see your IT partner, the better service you’re getting.

Because in the background they’re spotting and resolving problems before they affect you. They’re looking ahead at how your system needs to grow with your business, and they’re planning for what comes next.

And the result of this?

  • Business is easier for you
  • Your people stay productive
  • You save money on downtime and big fixes
  • And you don’t have to call your IT support often because something has gone wrong… again

AND THE WINNER IS… It’s got to be proactive IT support, hands down.

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