Don’t change your password

Back in the day, the advice was to change your password often.

That’s now bad advice.

Because cyber security threats are a lot worse today than they’ve ever been.

Even if all of your passwords are complex and unique, malware and phishing attacks can still expose them just as easily as if you’d used ‘password123’.

Some malware reads each key that’s typed into your keyboard, exposing everything that’s entered.

And phishing attacks can encourage people to log in to fake websites, handing over their passwords without realizing it.

So how do you protect your business?

If you have the option to use multi-factor authentication, turn it on.

That’s where you generate a code on a separate device to prove its really you logging in. It’s not fool proof, but it can prevent the majority of cyber-criminals from accessing your systems.

Turn it on everywhere it’s available. And even look at changing settings to force all employees to use it as well.

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