Education is now globally linked to the information superhighway, the connectivity of students to the Internet, and the technology that students are utilizing to reach these goals. It is more important than ever for the convergence of Information Technology workers (IT) and the teachers of our future. Together, Core Managed and the schools can revolutionize the education system for the better, because education is no longer fully located within a classroom, but bursting through the touchscreen that new generations are coming to expect.

Basic Services
Core Managed offers help with monitoring services 24/7, checking issues before they become problematic and keeping all
business systems running smoothly. We can be sure to notify you of any problems far before anybody else can. Core Managed also provides a strict maintenance regimen, keeping critical systems up-to-date, secure, and further improving server performance. We believe it is about preparing, not reacting. Our support system is also available 24/7, with desk technicians ready to connect remotely to your PC in just a few seconds.

Building a Network
Our Core Managed technicians are experts in Microsoft Exchange, maintaining a running system of the best-in-class messaging and collaborative program. We assure that we can offer this system to even the smallest of our clients. Core Managed hosts PBX Phone Systems, which help drastically lower the costs of installing a custom phone system, or even upgrading your pre-existing lines. We can help you determine whether Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Systems will help you lower your telecommunications costs and possibly boost worker productivity. Our Core Managed technicians don’t just work on installation or preventative technical assistance – our elite technicians can also design our clients websites, built with fully rounded content management systems that will work to lower your maintenance costs in the long run. We further allow clients to manage their own sites after creation – with no cost to you!

Safety Solutions
Core Managed offers not just digital security, but physical as well, with our Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR). Our professional, top-of-the-line Video Management System (VMS) is activated from any set-up monitor, and can provide a live view of secure locations. With the option of instant playback for suspicious events, instant notification when an alarm is enabled, and the ability to control the camera digitally, this safety feature is vital.

In the age of technical error and file loss, our IT technicians will also, at minimum, assure that your files are immediately moved off-site. For the more concerned client, we can also work out a high availability disaster recovery solution, which provides disaster recovery in just 15 minutes or less.

Our Web Protection and Content Filtering services also enhance your network security (and employee productivity) by automatically protecting from malware, phishing, proxies, adware, and spam. Our web protection allows you to block unsafe sites, apply lists, even select sites that can only be accessed during non-work hours. It also assures to protect your business from legal liability and the risk of a security breach.

Education IT