Engineering Firm Case Study


Our client is a renowned engineering firm specializing in infrastructure design and engineering services. With expertise in various areas such as roadway design, bridge design, traffic engineering, and construction engineering, our client has established itself as a leader in the industry.

“Core Managed truly understood our unique challenges as an engineering firm and delivered solutions that exceeded our expectations. With their proactive approach and expertise, we’ve seen significant improvements in our IT infrastructure reliability and security, allowing us to focus more on our core business operations.”
– Engineering Firm


The primary challenges revolved around a complex data center and less-than-ideal power infrastructure. Additionally, our client aimed to optimize their existing technology resources, address security concerns, and enhance remote work capabilities.


Core Managed devised a comprehensive IT strategy tailored to address our client’s specific challenges. This involved deploying Core Managed’s Fully Managed service stack and ensuring onsite technical support during business hours to provide the desired physical IT presence. Core Managed upgraded our client’s security system, installed top-tier UPS systems to address power issues, and migrated their email system to the cloud for improved security and remote work. Furthermore, Core Managed conducted a thorough review of our client’s technology infrastructure, optimizing various aspects to enhance performance and reduce costs.

Client Feedback

Our client expressed high satisfaction with our services, acknowledging the team’s efficiency and expertise in addressing their IT challenges. The ongoing support and proactive approach demonstrated by Core Managed contributed to strengthening the client’s confidence in their IT capabilities.

Best Practices

Through the collaboration with our client, Core Managed established best practices emphasizing the importance of consistent communication with clients and understanding their specific industry challenges. These practices serve as valuable lessons for future projects, ensuring continued success in delivering tailored IT solutions.

Core Managed’s partnership with our client exemplifies the effectiveness of personalized IT solutions in addressing the unique needs of engineering firms. By leveraging expertise, proactive support, and innovative technologies, Core Managed empowers our clients to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.


With Core Managed’s proactive approach and tailored solutions, our client experienced significant improvements in their IT infrastructure reliability, security, and performance. The installation of advanced Endpoint Detection and Response software on every device bolstered cybersecurity measures, providing enhanced protection against potential threats. The deployment of UPS systems ensured reliable power supply, mitigating downtime risks. Our client’s transition to Microsoft 365 facilitated seamless remote work capabilities, improving productivity and collaboration among employees.

“Partnering with Core Managed has been instrumental in enhancing our remote work capabilities and overall productivity. Their commitment to understanding our industry-specific needs and providing top-notch technical support has been invaluable. We highly recommend Core Managed to any engineering firm seeking reliable and tailored IT solutions.”
– Engineering Firm