Managed Antivirus switching to Bitdefender Engine

We’ve got exciting news!

As part of our continuing service to you, we will be actively upgrading all current “Vipre Managed Antivirus” customers to a new, better and faster top-rated antivirus engine called, “Bitdefender Managed Antivirus”. Bitdefender has been a top, 1st place antivirus product for the past few years and is one of the best antivirus products on the market today.

When you purchase Managed Antivirus from us, you are buying a continuing yearly service, not just a product. This service includes an antivirus “engine” and the promise that we will continue to help keep you protected.  That’s the “managed” part of Managed Antivirus.  In fact, we’ve been so successful in keeping viruses off our customer’s computers, we recently began offering a GUARANTEE.  Our Managed Antivirus subscribers do NOT pay for virus remediation if something slips thru!

Why Bitdefender?

When we decided to use Vipre as our go-to antivirus almost 2 years ago, the product had stellar testing results and did a great job during this time. Some time has passed, however, and Vipre is no longer doing well in independent tests.  While we have been able to apply our own custom protections to our customers machines to help battle these shortcomings, we have also been shopping around for a new antivirus! By leaps and bounds, Bitdefender has been the most solid Antivirus performer with little to no variation of month to month protection ratings or ranking.

*Automatic – nothing you need to do! Upgrades will happen randomly and automatically over a period of a few weeks or months, in small groups of 20-30 computers per batch. We will be upgrading severan hundred antivirus customers during this period and will be actively monitoring those installations and responding to any issues you may have during the upgrade period.

*No extra cost and your subscription continues. There is no extra fee or cost for this upgrade. This is included in the service you have already purchased from us. Your yearly subscription’s “time-remaining” that you have with Vipre will be transferred fully to Bitdefender.
Example: If you have 3 months left with your current Vipre subscription, you will be given 3 months of Bitdefender to fulfill your remaining subscription. All subscription “End Dates” remain unchanged.
Here’s what you’ll see:

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