McClure McClure & Davis: Law Firm Case Study


McClure McClure & Davis:

McClure McClure & Davis is a distinguished general practice law firm with over 45 years of experience serving clients throughout Indiana. Renowned for their commitment to excellence and comprehensive legal services, the firm handles a wide range of cases, from personal injury claims to business litigation and estate planning.

“Our partnership with Core Managed has been invaluable in managing our IT infrastructure. Their strategic approach has allowed us to seamlessly transition to the cloud, enhancing efficiency and security while minimizing disruption to our operations.”
– Grover Davis, McClure McClure & Davis


Law firms face multifaceted challenges in managing their IT infrastructure. For McClure McClure & Davis, the primary hurdles included the complexity of technology, stringent security concerns, cost control, and the need to focus on core competencies. Additionally, the firm lacked in-house expertise to manage an impending office move involving IT matters. A unique challenge arose with the decision to migrate their financial system to the cloud before the office move, necessitating careful planning, coordination, and adherence to compliance standards.


To address these challenges, Core Managed implemented a comprehensive approach. This involved conducting a thorough assessment of the firm’s IT infrastructure, strategic planning, and selecting suitable cloud platforms. Robust security measures were implemented to safeguard sensitive data, while timely execution ensured minimal disruption to daily operations. Customized migration plans were tailored to align with the client’s timeline and budget, with a focus on scalability and flexibility. The team provided continuous monitoring and optimization post-migration to ensure the system met evolving needs.


The collaboration with Core Managed yielded substantial results. McClure McClure & Davis experienced enhanced IT infrastructure, cost savings through outsourcing, and improved focus on core competencies. The seamless migration of their financial system to the cloud before the office move mitigated the need for on-premise IT infrastructure investment. The firm successfully leveraged the benefits of cloud technology while maintaining compliance and security standards, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and client satisfaction.


By addressing the diverse challenges faced by McClure McClure & Davis with innovative solutions and specialized expertise, Core Managed facilitated a transformative journey in enhancing the firm’s IT infrastructure. The successful migration to the cloud, coupled with effective vendor management and internal collaboration, exemplifies the value of strategic IT support in empowering law firms to navigate technological advancements and achieve their business objectives.

“Core Managed’s tailored solutions have revolutionized how we approach IT management. Their team’s proactive monitoring and continuous optimization post-migration have ensured our systems remain efficient and secure.”
– Grover Davis, McClure McClure & Davis