Microsoft Office 16: Making Your Office More Productive One Day at a Time

Have you ever sat at your desk working and felt like you were not getting anything accomplished? Is it easy for you to get side-tracked by focusing on too many of the small details? Many of our Office 365 clients are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version of office.  Microsoft Office 2016, which is also set to release the same time as Windows 10, has several key features, including productivity boosting tools that will help even the most side-tracked and distracted employee become even more productive.

Expand your emails:

Microsoft has taken Outlook and branched it out into extensions, which essentially work as apps. It is like having Microsoft Word built right into your emails. Make your emails stand out by inserting tables or adding pictures. It will be hard for your intended recipients to say they missed your emails when formulated tables or colorful pictures cover their computer screen. Do you have the need to book a cab or find a ride to your next business meeting? Outlook has extended to include Uber. Should you feel the need to book a cab, the Uber extention will trigger a pop-up on your screen, as you decided whether or not it is necessary. Make your booking more efficient by allowing Uber to access your Outlook inbox, and your destination and arrival times can be passed on right to your Uber driver.

Microsoft Word Insights and other Office features:

Do you have a presentation to give in front of the entire company? Are you worried about plagiarism or copyright issues during your presentation? A Insight allow you to review your document and check it against online resources without ever exiting Microsoft Word. Simply click, highlight, and asking questions by right-clicking. The resources that are used to check your document are found using Bing. There is also a new search tool in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Collaborate in real time with your co-workers on big client presentations, using “Tell Me.” If all of your co-workers are logged into Office at the same time, “Tell Me” allows you to communicate details to make that big client presentation that much better.

Security Features:

Data Loss Protection helps protect all of the new apps you use in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It ensures that all data and documents being worked on stays within your own company’s network. Sending the data or document anywhere else, whether it is an accident or not, is almost next to impossible.

It also becomes possible for users to mix and match personal documents with sensitive and encrypted documents . Each document can be encrypted on a file-by-file basis, and this allows them to tango with a user’s personal documents without security issues.