Moynahan Williams, Inc.: Real Estate Case Study


Moynahan Williams, Inc.:

Moynahan Williams, Inc. is a renowned real estate agency specializing in property management and real estate development services. With a focus on managing apartment complexes and Home Owners Associations (HOAs), they provide comprehensive services including property maintenance, leasing, budgeting, and record-keeping.

“When we were struggling with our outdated IT infrastructure, we didn’t know where to turn. But partnering with Core Managed was a game-changer for us. Their team understood our unique needs as a real estate agency, and they crafted a solution that not only solved our immediate challenges but also set us up for success in the long run. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
– Michael J. Williams, Moynahan Williams, Inc.


Moynahan Williams, Inc. faced a pressing challenge in maintaining legacy server hardware and providing secure remote access to employees spread across various locations. With the need for seamless transitions between home, office, and client sites, their existing infrastructure posed limitations, hindering operational efficiency and data security.


To address the client’s challenge, our team devised a comprehensive strategy focused on modernizing Moynahan Williams’ IT infrastructure. Initially, we migrated their line of business application server to Microsoft’s Azure datacenter, ensuring accessibility from any location while maintaining Windows Server compatibility. Subsequently, we transitioned directory services to Microsoft’s Entra ID and migrated shared and personal files to SharePoint and OneDrive, respectively. Additionally, we configured printers for direct printing and scanners for Scan to Email functionality to streamline document management processes.


The implementation of our solution exceeded Moynahan Williams’ expectations, offering immediate benefits and long-term cost savings. By leveraging cloud computing expertise, we eliminated the need for costly CapEx server projects, providing the client with a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure. Users experienced enhanced accessibility and productivity, with remote access seamlessly integrated into their workflow. Moreover, our refined migration processes established best practices for similar challenges in the future, ensuring continued success for Moynahan Williams, Inc.

Throughout the project, our collaboration with Moynahan Williams, Inc. was marked by open communication and mutual satisfaction. The client’s positive response during and after implementation reaffirmed the value of our solution in meeting their evolving business needs. As Moynahan Williams, Inc. continues to thrive in the competitive real estate industry, our partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative IT solutions tailored to client requirements.

“Core Managed took the time to listen to our concerns and develop a solution that was tailored to our business. Thanks to their expertise, our team now has seamless access to our data from anywhere, which has boosted our productivity and streamlined our operations. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with them.”
– Michael J. Williams, Moynahan Williams, Inc.