Replacing your Comcast Cable Modem

Replacing your Comcast Cable modem can be a great way to boost speed, save money, and solve reliability problems that plague a lot of older Comcast Equipment.  I’ve previously advised clients to stick with Comcast’s rented equipment, as it seemed easier to get Comcast service when you used their equipment.  Setting up a Comcast Cable modem was also cumbersome at one time.

My experience tonight has me changing my tune.  I bought a Comcast cable modem (around $89), plugged it in, did some configuration, which a friendly Philippine call center rep will be glad to help you with, and I was off to the races.  Tomorrow I’ll return my old modem and laugh all the way to the bank while counting my $8 in monthly savings.  Oh yeah, got a 25% speed boost to boot!  Check the before and after!


2014-07-02 21.40.46


2014-07-02 22.16.44

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