Raleigh-based manufacturing enterprises witness various IT challenges. Most manufacturing firms often have intricate internal processes linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), demanding specialized IT assistance. Luckily, Core Managed is here.

We specialize in providing IT services for manufacturing companies located in Raleigh. We ensure uninterrupted IT operations 24/7, ultimately reducing costs and enhancing the overall profitability of the firms we serve.

Addressing Unique Challenges with Manufacturing IT Support

Core Managed provides comprehensive solutions of IT for manufacturing companies to continue working against all odds.

Common Manufacturing Challenges

  • Compliance: Navigating through standards like NIST, ITAR, ISO certifications, and OQE.
  • Inventory and Order Management: Streamlining processes for effective inventory and order handling.
  • Capital Projects: Upgrading on-premise servers and managing large-scale projects.
  • Warehouse Operations: Enhancing warehouse management for efficiency.
  • Complex IT Setups: Implementing and managing intricate IT infrastructures including VPN and terminal servers.

Our Approach to Managed IT Services For Manufacturing

Most manufacturing firms lack a proactive IT strategy, hindering their growth potential. Core Managed steps to bridge this gap, offering expert guidance in IT for manufacturing companies.

Quarterly Audits

Our vCIO team conducts in-depth audits to pinpoint vulnerabilities and hardware issues, laying the foundation for strategic discussions.

Tailored Solutions

We craft a roadmap specific to your company’s needs, aligning IT strategies with your manufacturing objectives.

Comprehensive Support

From proactive IT strategies to immediate issue resolution, we assist in optimizing your systems and drive sustained efficiency and business success.

Long-term Planning

We benefit our clients with long-term planning facilitated by a dedicated vCIO. Focus on expanding your business and delivering superior service to your clients, all facilitated by a scalable IT strategy.

IT Support Manufacturing Software

We leverage various IT support manufacturing software or systems, including-

  • Epicore
  • Henning (EstiTrack)
  • MS Dynamics
  • E2 Shop System by Shoptech
  • Job Boss
  • Infor
  • Global Shop
  • Fishbowl
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Great
  • PlainsSharePoint, OneDrive and Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • MiSy
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Types of IT Services For Manufacturing

Managed IT services

Our managed IT services for manufacturing encompass continual monitoring, maintenance, and 24/7 IT support. This includes network optimization, software and hardware management, and proactive troubleshooting.

IT Outsourcing

Our manufacturing IT outsourcing services offer cost-effective solutions, expert maintenance, and access to specialized skills. Focus on your core competencies while ensuring reliable IT operations through a dedicated outsourcing partner.

IT Consulting

Our manufacturing IT support consultants collaborate with you to devise technology strategies aligned with your business objectives. From scaling IT infrastructure to navigating compliance requirements, we ensure your technology investments yield tangible results.

Elevate Your Operations with IT Services for Manufacturing

Revolutionize the technical operations of your manufacturing company. Schedule a consultation and explore how our tailored managed IT for manufacturing can make a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT services for manufacturing companies encompass a range of offerings:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Network Management
  • IoT Integration
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Strategic IT Consulting

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The manufacturing industry relies heavily on technology for streamlined operations, production efficiency, inventory management, and compliance with various standards.

Our IT for manufacturing ensures –

  • seamless integration of systems
  • cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive data
  • strategic guidance to adapt to evolving technological landscapes
  • enhancing productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Yes, our IT support team can help optimize your manufacturing operations. We offer network optimization, automation through IoT, and strategic advice aligned with your goals.

The costs can vary significantly based on several factors such as –

  • the size of the manufacturing operation
  • the complexity of IT infrastructure
  • specific technology needs
  • desired level of support

 Dial 919-890-8088 and get an accurate estimate.

There are various best practices for manufacturing IT support, including:

  • Implement robust cybersecurity protocols
  • Utilize integrated systems and automation technologies
  • Conduct routine maintenance, updates, and patches
  • Adhere to industry-specific compliance standards
  • Manage relationships with IT vendors

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing in Raleigh