Logistics and trucking enterprises aim to optimize their operations for enhanced business efficiency. A well-crafted IT strategy helps to achieve operational excellence and surpass customer expectations.

At Core Managed, we provide tailored managed IT services for logistics and trucking companies. We engineer the best IT support for your specific logistics and trucking needs, fostering business growth and evolution.

Conquer Unique Challenges with IT for Logistics and Trucking

The logistics industry in Raleigh grapples with diverse IT hurdles that demand professional attention. We’ve encountered numerous issues faced by trucking and logistics firms, including:

● Unreliable uptime of critical systems
● Challenges with scanning solutions
● Data transfer complexities between software platforms
● Document management inefficiencies
● Remote access limitations
● Internal and external file-sharing obstacles
● Cybersecurity vulnerabilities
● Complex setups involving VPNs and terminal servers

Our Approach To IT Services for Trucking and Logistics

Many logistics firms lack a proactive strategy and a clear understanding of their IT infrastructure. Core Managed steps to deliver the best trucking & logistics IT solutions in Raleigh.

Streamline Collaboration

We harness cloud technology to enable seamless team connectivity regardless of location or time, optimizing collaboration capabilities.

Sustained Connectivity

Our IT services guarantee system cohesion and robust network strength, eliminating downtime as a concern for your operations.

Quarterly Audits

Our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) team conducts quarterly audits, pinpointing potential IT hardware issues. Collaborating with your team to present actionable insights and recommendations.

IT Help Desk Assistance

Our logistics IT company offers professional help desk assistance to address any technical issues promptly.

Proficiency in Logistics and Trucking IT Software

We’re proficient in handling a range of IT software and platforms utilized in the logistics industry, including but not limited to:

  • Loadmaster
  • ProTransport
  • Dr Dispatch
  • ezLoads TMS and Driver App
  • TruckingOffice
  • Rose Rocket
  • Axon
  • Tailwind
  • Prophesy OnDemand
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Great Plains
  • SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams
  • Microsoft Outlook
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Benefits of IT Solutions For Trucking and Logistics Companies

Improve Tracking & Delivery

Real-time tracking, route optimization, and automated alerts ensure accurate location updates, faster delivery times, and proactive management of delays. GPS and tracking technologies provide visibility to logistics companies and customers, enhancing service reliability.

Enhance Efficiencies

Process automation, data analytics, and system integration streamline operations, reducing errors and identifying inefficiencies. Automated tasks like order processing and documentation improve speed, while centralized IT logistics services optimize workflows.

Improved Customer Service

With real-time tracking and communication tools, logistics companies can provide customers with accurate and updated information about their shipments, enhancing transparency and trust.

Lower Inventory Costs

IT solutions use demand forecasting, real-time inventory visibility, and automated replenishment to minimize overstocking or stockouts. Accurate predictions and precise inventory management reduce carrying costs.

Ready to Transform IT for Logistics and Trucking?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialized IT services for logistics and trucking companies encompass –

  • network setup and management
  • software support
  • fleet management solutions
  • logistics software integration
  • data analytics
  • personalized IT consulting

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Absolutely. Our IT services are flexible and scalable, allowing customization to align with the unique requirements and growth trajectories of logistics and trucking businesses.

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We ensure complete data security through rigorous measures such as encryption protocols, firewalls, routine vulnerability assessments, stringent user access controls, and ongoing employee training. These safeguards protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

We offer ongoing IT support and maintenance services to logistics and trucking companies. We ensure smooth operations and assist with any technical queries or issues that may arise post-implementation.

Yes, our IT for logistic solutions are designed for seamless integration with various software and systems. We allow a smooth transition without disrupting current operations.

Proven IT for Logistics & Trucking in Raleigh