Amy Melangton

Business Development

Amy joined Core Managed in October 2021.   She was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there until her teenage years, when her family moved to Indiana to be with her grandparents. Since then, she has stayed and raised her family here.

Amy has always loved technology and found ways to be involved, whether that was developing webpages or just playing with her personal devices. She is also that person who never stops looking for ways to make things more efficient. Amy aims to make life better and more simple for the people around her, so a career in technology only makes sense!   

Collectively, her experience provides an opportunity to present solutions to customers and hopefully make them raving fans. Amy’s intentions are always to strive to help others. She feels, in her role, she can accomplish that by taking the technical out of technology and allowing businesses to do what they do best, while she does the best for their company.

Amy’s Certifications

  • Hubspot Marketing
  • Google Online Marketing
  • Hootsuite Social Media Marketing
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Microsoft Office User Specialist
  • Full Stack Web Development

Amy’s Specialties

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • AS Visual Communications
  • BA Communications

Favorite Quote: “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Favorite Movie: “UP” & “Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back”

Most Enjoyable Project: My favorite personal project has been the painting that I did with a group of fellow artist and volunteers under the bridge at 10th street here in Indianapolis, but professionally my favorite projects are those where I get to help my clients find creative solutions to their everyday problems.

Favorite Charity:  Autism Society of Indiana