Collin Motuliak

Systems Administrator

Collin has had a passion for computers from a young age. His father has been in the IT field for 35 years, and inspired him to follow a similar path. When he was young, his father gifted him his first laptop, which Collin used to start learning basic coding. This helped to cement his interest in technology in general, and specifically IT. In his spare time, Collin enjoys playing games with friends, photography, visiting family, and traveling.

Collin’s Certifications

  • Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Technology
  • Network+
  • Security+

Favorite Movie: Isle of Dogs

Most Enjoyable Project: My favorite IT project I have worked on is the time I managed to fix a client’s VoIP system. It was suffering from extremely degraded quality at certain points in the day. After several months of testing and research, I was able to come up with a solution. After working so long on this project, it was extremely rewarding to finally have a fix.

Favorite Charity: Blue Earth Alliance