Devin Atkins

Systems Administrator

Devin’s interest in IT came from his father always being interested in the latest and greatest new gadgets. This led into many of Devin’s interests in physics and technology. Devin found out while attending Wabash College and working at their Help Desk that he enjoyed the atmosphere and the work. Pushing forward to today, he is dedicated to learning all that he can and improve his technical abilities.

Devin’s Certifications

  • Wabash College BA in Physics

Favorite Quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight

Most Enjoyable Project: Devin’s favorite project has been come from his woodworking, where in, he created a cantilevered pantry for his wife.

For his favorite technical project, he enjoys company wide computer upgrades, remarking that everyone is happy to receive their new computer and its an opportunity to get know everyone he is working with.

Favorite Charity: St. Jude