They’re waiting…

The bad guys.

The hackers.

Sitting in their criminal lair. Wearing hoodies. Surrounded by multiple screens streaming data (just like in The Matrix). Constantly looking for secret back doors into IT systems all over the world.

And waiting. Patiently waiting. For someone in your business to click the fake link, they just emailed out…

OK… we’ll admit it… that’s a stereotype. We’re sure there are many hackers who don’t wear hoodies.

And they’re not targeting your business, specifically. Unless you’re a major global brand, they don’t even know you exist.

No, instead they are targeting ALL businesses, ALL the time.

They use clever automated software that sends bad links in fake emails to thousands of people every day.

The first they hear about your business is when someone clicks on a link by accident. Letting the criminals into your IT system.


Do you see why your staff needs CONSTANT cyber-security training? About what to watch out for. The clever new scams that are being used. And what they should do if they accidentally click a bad link (the worst thing they can do is ignore it… early action is always, always better).

The training is remote, fun and will give your business a critical boost to its first line defenses.

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