Trapped. With slow Internet…

Can you imagine being trapped inside your house… with really… really… slow… inter… net…

Wouldn’t be so bad for an hour. Disconnect; read a book; lovely.

But what if it lasted for days?

A super-fast internet connection is as important as running water these days. Especially with Work From Home.

If your internet keeps slowing down or breaking up, the first thing is to talk to your provider. There might be an issue.

Next, check how your bandwidth is being used.

Do you have teenagers in the house, watching YouTube, streaming to Twitch, video calling friends AND online gaming at the same time?

Looking outside your house, is your Wi-Fi protected with a strong password? Or could your neighbors hijack it to stream Ultra HD Netflix? This could really slow everything down, and expose you to a range of other risks too.

Change the default password on your network if you haven’t already done this.

Third thing – the further you are from the Wi-Fi router, the worse the signal is. You can also try upgrading your Wi-Fi to a mesh system.

So, instead of relying on just one router for your whole home, you have several different devices around the house, all working together.


This means a strong connection wherever you are.

We’ve helped many businesses build and maintain top quality IT infrastructure. And doing this at home is even more important in our remote world.

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