What Are Your Employees Doing Right Now?

How much do you know about what your employees are really doing online?

I’m not talking micromanagement here. No-one wants to be observed every minute of the day – you know that’s not how you get the best from people.

However, sometimes, a level of computer monitoring or adding restrictions can work to everyone’s best interest. For example, if you limit the websites that your employees can visit on company devices, you can protect your business against spoofed or malicious websites.

With social media and other distracting sites, take a delicate approach. Blocking them entirely may demonstrate that you don’t trust your people. But it should be made clear that excessive use will be noted and may result in a conversation.

Letting software keep an eye on web traffic can also help you identify how any malware attack started. And overall company browsing trends can identify potential gaps in your cyber security training.

There is even a level you can go to where you monitor everything a specific employee is doing with their computer. This can help you to confirm suspicions about their work. This needs to be handled sensitively of course.

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