When Computer Fraud Starts on the Phone

Has an elderly relative of yours ever had one of those calls from someone pretending to be from Microsoft?

Those calls make us SO angry. Luckily, most people see through them and hang up.

But we’re starting to see a trend of phone calls being targeted at businesses now. And these calls are a lot smarter than they used to be.

The most dangerous hackers don’t just rely on your staff clicking bad links in error. They also use something called social engineering.

This is where they will pretend to be someone else, targeting specific people within your business. Trying to get them to hand over personal details or open a fake email.

If they succeed, this can open up the whole business to a malware attack.

Cyber-criminals aren’t afraid to pick up the phone. We’re hearing that some hackers are now attempting to add extra pressure to ransomware attacks by demanding payments over the phone (ransomware is where they lock all your data and demand a huge fee to unlock it).

We can protect your business.

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