XFMRS: Manufacturing Case Study



XFMRS is a leading manufacturer specializing in magnetic components such as transformers and inductors. With offices in Camby, IN, Watseka, IL, and Hong Kong, XFMRS caters to a global clientele, emphasizing reliability and innovation in their products.

“Moving our IT infrastructure to the cloud was a significant undertaking, but Core Managed made it feel effortless. Their meticulous planning and clear communication kept our operations running smoothly throughout the transition. Now, with the reliability and flexibility of cloud-based technology, we’re excited for what the future holds.”
– Buddy Woods, XFMRS


XFMRS faced a critical challenge in modernizing its IT infrastructure while ensuring ultimate reliability and uptime. The primary goal was to migrate all infrastructure operations to Cloud Servers seamlessly, enabling consistent technology experiences for users across different locations worldwide. This transition required careful coordination to minimize disruption to daily operations and ensure a smooth transition for employees accustomed to traditional on-premise systems. Additionally, the shift to cloud-based infrastructure aimed to future-proof XFMRS’s IT environment, allowing for scalability and flexibility to accommodate evolving business needs.


To address XFMRS’s challenge, our team devised a comprehensive strategy centered on diligent planning and communication. Leveraging our vCIO’s
robust understanding of cloud technology and global operations, we provisioned cloud resources strategically, balancing proximity to users in Hong Kong and the Midwest continental US. By decommissioning aging server hardware and transitioning to a cloudbased environment, we eliminated the risk associated with infrastructure downtime and significantly reduced hardware costs. Additionally, we established a maintenance window during off-peak hours, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.


The implementation of our solution exceeded XFMRS’s expectations, meeting their stringent requirements for reliability and uptime. By embracing cloud technology, XFMRS now enjoys a consistent user experience regardless of location, enhancing productivity and collaboration among global teams. While initial speed issues were promptly resolved by provisioning additional cloud resources, the overall response from XFMRS during and after implementation was overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, the project established best practices for projecting the variable costs of cloud resources, offering valuable insights for similar challenges in the future.

Throughout the project, our team’s dedication and expertise, coupled with open communication and collaboration, ensured the successful modernization of XFMRS’s IT infrastructure. As XFMRS continues to innovate and expand its global footprint, our partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of cloudbased solutions tailored to client requirements.

“Ensuring uptime and reliability is crucial for us at XFMRS. Teaming up with Core Managed to modernize our IT infrastructure proved to be the right choice. Their deep knowledge of cloud technology and global operations ensured a seamless transition, resulting in a scalable and future-ready IT environment. We appreciate their dedication to our success.”
– Buddy Woods, XFMRS