Your Wi-Fi Is Vulnerable to Attack—Update Your Devices to Fix It

A serious Wi-Fi vulnerability was revealed yesterday today, affecting nearly every Wi-Fi network and device using WPA or WPA2 security encryption. The Wi-Fi exploit, first reported by Ars Technica, takes advantage of a particular security flaw in the WPA2 wireless security standard, allowing attackers to intercept personal data as well as insert malware into websites a user visited. Attackers can potentially gain access to encrypted information like usernames, passwords, and credit card data. Luckily, companies are already patching the flaw in order to prevent this potential hack from happening, but there are two action items:

  1. Update your Wifi connected computers, tablets and phones.  IOS, Android and Windows have already released patches.  You just need to be up-to-date.  If Core Managed handles your patch management, we’ve already taken care of this.  If you need help, please reach out.
  2. Update your Wireless Routers and Wireless Access Points.  The devices that facilitate Wifi access in your home or business needs updated.  Many vendors (including our preferred vendor) have released patches and instructions for deploying them.  Again, if you need help patching your Wireless Routers and Wireless Access Points, please let us know.

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