Delivering Everyday

Our technicians monitor and maintain your network all day, every day to keep your business running.


Our 24/7 health check identifies issues early on and keeps your business systems running. We’ll usually know about a current or looming outage long before anyone in your organization does.


Our maintenance regimen keeps your critical systems patched and up to date, keeping them secure and improving workstation & server performance. It’s about preparing, not reacting.


Our help desk technicians are available 24/7 and can remotely connect to your PC in seconds. By combining monitoring, maintenance and helpdesk support, your business can stick to doing business.

Our Proven Process

We follow a proven 4 step process to “level up” your operational maturity with regard to managing technology and cybersecurity threats.

We’ll meet to dive deep into specific needs, infrastructure review and expectations.

We’ll discuss your leadership team’s goals for the business and we’ll work to discover how your technology might be holding you back.

  • Virtual or In Person
  • 60 Minutes
  • Start the process by clicking here!
We'll bring a senior engineer onsite to perform an in depth assessment of the I.T. infrastructure.

We'll build documentation and a report to help identify vulnerabilities, bottlenecks and to build a foundation for the 3 year roadmap.

  • Full report provided to leadership team with no obligation
  • Review sample report here
  • Start the process by clicking here!
Using the data we collected in the 1st two steps, we'll build a roadmap & budget that will allow the organization to ramp up technical maturity and minimize risk.
  • Full report provided to leadership team with no obligation
  • Review sample report here
  • Start the process by clicking here!
We'll meet with your leadership team to present and explain the work we've done in the first 3 steps.

We'll decide on an action plan, and if the action plan includes engaging with Core Managed for ongoing services, we’ll begin the onboarding process.

  • Vulnerability Review
  • Roadmap Discussion and Revision
  • Implementation by your team or ours!


Areas of Focus

The Core Managed team has provided Managed I.T. Services to multiple clients in each of the listed industries. We’re familiar with your specific workflows, software programs and compliance mandates. Click one of the listed specialties to learn more!
Manufacturing I.T.

Manufacturing I.T.

Government I.T.

Government I.T.

Legal I.T.

Legal I.T.

Healthcare I.T.

Healthcare I.T.

Education I.T.

Education I.T.

Financial I.T.

Financial I.T.

Tired of Hourly Support Charges? Ask about All Inclusive Fixed Fee Support!

Let us align our goals with your goals and fully manage all of your I.T. needs for one fee. We’ll proactively manage your network to avoid downtime and security breaches. Contact us for more information about Fixed Fee Managed Services.

Server & Network Maintenance: It's about being proactive, not reactive!

Eliminate expensive outages by detecting and resolving technology issues, security patches and out of date software before they cause downtime. Regular reporting lets you know what we’ve done to protect you.

Web Design & Development: We make beautiful, high performing websites!

With over 100 web design projects under our belt, we know how to understand your needs in an effort to create a customized solution. Our websites yield results. They’re not just beautiful, they generate business. Browse our portfolio by clicking below.

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