Our service offerings have been designed around proactively managing your key systems and recognizing issues before they cause downtime. You depend on your network to run your business.

Core Managed is the outsourced I.T. service provider for hundreds of businesses in the greater Indianapolis area. Our clients range from 3-75 computers and we specialize in configuring and maintaining their entire infrastructure. Core Managed technicians are the best trained in the industry, and set high expectations for professionalism and confidentiality.

Our remote monitoring system gives us critical insight into your key systems so we can proactively respond to small issues before they become big ones. We monitor this data through a single web dashboard that contains the key data from all our clients’ systems, so our technicians have eyes on all our clients data round the clock.


Service Offerings

Computer Networks

We are unique in that we don’t wait for network issues to cause downtime. We monitor your systems 24/7 in order to address issues before they cause an outage.

Email Solutions

We’re experts in managing Microsoft Exchange server, the best-in-class enterprise messaging and collaboration solution. Recent new service offerings have made this offering affordable to even our smallest clients.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We’ll cater a solution which, at minimum, automatically moves your key files offsite. Depending on your needs, we’ll also consider high availability disaster recovery solutions that can allow disaster recovery in 15 minutes or less.

Servers & Hardware

Servers and Firewalls are at the heart of any secure small business network. We’ll help you install and configure a business grade firewall to protect your network.

VOIP Phone Systems

Hosted PBX Phone Systems dramatically reduce the upfront costs associated with installing our upgrading your phone system. We’ll help you evaluate whether VOIP can reduce your telecom costs and boost productivity.

Web Design & Development

We design beautiful websites built on robust content management systems that reduce your maintenance costs long term. We empower our clients to manage their sites without ongoing costs.

Service Offerings