Benefits of Managed IT services

IT digital evolutions play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of business. At Core Managed we’re making sure the information is processed, delivered, while preventing errors. Our managed services are able to respond to issues faster because we monitor your system 24/7. We’re part of your team augmenting your internal staff to resolve problems. We’re also there to help plan for the future changes. Our clients have a proven trail of fewer issues, less downtime and improved business processes.

Regular monitoring and updates is the best prevention against new risks and security threats. Skilled support management keeps your business operating smoothly. Corrective action is taken immediately. Gain some insight into the process behind maintaining IT system functions. Feel free to call our offices and speak with our IT managed services. Our staff can help. Are your systems running slow? Is the network’s performance unsatisfactory? We’re experts in managed IT services:

  • Network consulting and systems management services
  • Network maintenance services and networking installation
  • Computer wireless and server support
  • Remote or on-site support
  • Documentation Management

Technology like business has a life cycle. As the market demands change our managed IT services are there to help. We let you focus on business. Core Managed services are designed to support all size businesses. Our managed services are capable of responding quickly to computer and network issues. Our remote services extend our reach for local business sites or multiple locations for the parent companies. Today businesses rely on technology. It’s improving the interactions with clients and the inhouse processing for staff. Even the most advanced systems in technology are constantly changing. At Core Managed we’re improving how business gets done. Whether it’s updating older operating systems or adding enhancements to an existing system. Faulty systems can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue and customer satisfaction.


We can show you how our IT Support and IT Management plans can change the way you think about technology.

Monitoring and Protection

Best practices and continuous improvements are standard business procedures at Core Managed. The goal is to avoid branding damage and heavy loss of data. There’s not a day that goes by that information gets processed incorrectly. It’s generally due to human error or system defaults. We optimize and protect your infrastructure. It’s done by performing day-to-day maintenance to prevent your system from experiencing downtime. Our applications are programmed to detect and stop IT issues. The primary focus is to restore without any interruption to your business. Our expert staff and technicians work with workstations, servers, off-site backups and storage capacity. The system’s operational efficiency is essential, especially with multiple devices connected to the network.

Security and Prevention

Many companies wait until a breach occurs. At that point, it’s more costly to the company than the cost of updating and regular monitoring. As the internet evolves, we are continually discovering vulnerabilities. Client privacy and data protection is critical to doing business on the internet. Small business and large corporations share similar strategies and procedures for data protection. Today’s, intruders are skilled at using existing applications for entry. Outsiders take advantage of poorly maintained systems and in some cases network weaknesses are exploited. We take steps to protect your systems from cyber threats and remediate viruses.

Industry and Technology Upgrades

IT configurations are consistent struggles for businesses. The facts prove planned changes slowly integrated into existing systems have better outcomes. Replacing the outdated processes, increase the system’s functions and improves business productivity. Monitoring the system activities need to include planned upgrades to streamline the business functions. By keeping the systems current with up-to-date solutions the level of potential business raises. Managed services assures the systems are adequate to administer the changes. When executed right, the upgrades pay for themselves quickly.