What are cloud Hosted PBX Phone Systems?

Voice. Conferencing. Online meetings. One phone system.

Optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability with Hosted PBX Phone Systems. Your phone system seamlessly integrates with Salesforce®, Oracle®, Zendesk, Desk, Box, Dropbox™, Google, and Microsoft.

It’s easy and saves time and resources.

Your cloud phone solution doesn’t require costly and complicated technical specialists. Admins can quickly and easily manage users, locations, and devices—anywhere, anytime. Users are empowered to control many of their own settings.

Works across all locations.

The RingCentral solution is highly adaptable and customizable. You can manage multiple locations and mobile workers with one system.  You can also receive one convenient monthly bill.

Mobilized business communications—BYOD ready.

It’s simple to integrate smartphones and tablets. The RingCentral Mobile App turns BYOD devices into business phones. You can manage your entire system whenever, wherever you want.

Substantial savings in the Cloud.

Save up to 60% on your monthly phone expenses. There’s none of the capital equipment or hardware costs associated with legacy phone systems. All-inclusive pricing includes a rich feature set with low, predictable costs. 

Eliminate setup and ongoing maintenance.

Phones arrive in days, not weeks.  They are pre-configured, fully provisioned, and ready for calls. Just plug phones into a high-speed internet connection to get started. Since your system is in the Cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain, updates and new features appear automatically.

Cloud PBX – Business Phone Systems: RingCentral
RingCentral for Office 365

Phone System Features Overview

Available phone numbers

Give your company a local presence, make it easy for customers to contact you, and increase your brand recognition with a variety of phone number options for your business phone system.

A toll-free number gives your business instant credibility.  It also provides your customers with easy access to your company. Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or toll-free vanity numbers.

Establish a local presence by choosing from more than 200 available area codes. Direct customer calls to a single number, such as a home phone.  Take advantage of all the features that a cloud-based business phone system has to offer.

Establish a local presence for your business using international and toll-free numbers in over 20 countries. Answer calls anywhere and set up your caller ID with an international number without major overhead.

Directory Listings increase your company’s visibility with free publication of your business details in local and national directories.

Cloud PBX

The cloud phone solution for your business revolutionizes your office phone system administration, call management, and user and caller experience.  All of this at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware.

Get the power of an enterprise-class phone system without the cost and complexity of PBX hardware. Setup is quick and easy, and you can access and manage your system from anywhere. Connect remote teams as if they are in the same room.  Give your employees access to phone and fax features wherever they work—so your phone system works the way you do.

Every local or toll-free RingCentral number includes Auto-Receptionist, which greets and identifies callers and directs calls anywhere.

Expand your automated attendant with a flexible phone menu that connects to your employees with self-service access.

Create and apply batch configurations to multiple users at once.  This saves time by reducing repetitive, manual tasks and streamlines your administrative routine.

Generate historical call analysis and trending metrics to gain insights into call usage and help improve business performance.

Keep callers entertained and informed with music and messages while they’re on hold.

Extensions create a flexible structure that incorporates employees at local and satellite offices, wherever they are. Edit, add, or remove extensions anytime.

RingCentral’s Dial-by-Name Directory gives your business phone system the feel and functionality of a system run by a Fortune 500 company.

Call monitoring is an effective business tool to improve employee performance and productivity. Authorized users can listen in on employee calls with clients to monitor the conversation, provide coaching, and facilitate discussion.

With Single Sign-On, your users can log in to RingCentral automatically with their corporate credentials, without memorizing another set of user names and passwords. You can reduce your IT overhead of assisting users’ password recovery. Your company will also have a central authentication point to provide secure access to RingCentral service from the web, desktops, or mobile devices.

Simplify the management of your RingCentral phone system across all global offices. With RingCentral Global Office, you easily connect your global workforce and streamline communications with one cloud-based phone system. You will benefit with free extension-to-extension calling within global offices, and with cost-effective calling plans within supported countries.

Phone service and devices

Cloud phone service is easily administered across all your locations, incorporates all your users, includes diverse calling options, and integrates devices smoothly.

RingCentral provides secure, reliable VoIP service that empowers your workforce to make and receive calls anywhere internet access is available.

RingCentral gives you the flexibility to manage both your incoming and outgoing caller IDs.  This includes displaying your business name when making calls.

RingOut® enables one-touch calling from any phone or internet-enabled computer.

RingMe® makes it easy for customers to contact your company from anywhere in the world.

RingCentral offers the unparalleled quality and reliability of Polycom® and Cisco® phones, including Presence-enabled phones with expansion modules. These IP phones come RingCentral Plug & Ring® ready, with industry-leading voice quality and all the features you expect from an office phone.

Polycom® sets the standard for conference phones. You get the benefit of RingCentral Plug & Ring® phones with RingCentral’s Polycom® conference phones.

RingCentral offers cost-saving Yealink SIP-based cordless phones with RingCentral Plug & Ring® ready. Enjoy the freedom of in-office mobility with industry-leading voice quality.

An analog telephone adapter (ATA) allows you to connect a standard analog device to your RingCentral service. By connecting the ATA to an internet connection and the other end to your device, you get all the benefits of VoIP on your existing device: desk phone, conference phone, cordless phone, or even fax machine.

The RingCentral desktop app is a comprehensive communications solution featuring voice, fax, text, conferencing, and online meetings. There’s no need to use separate applications for day-to-day calls, conferencing, and web meetings. Your productivity soars with RingCentral’s flexible call management, advanced options, and intuitive interface.

Call management

Customize your business phone system settings so your callers have a pleasant and productive experience contacting you. Ensure you don’t miss calls and that your team has the most advanced features at their command.

Give your business phone system the flexibility to work around any schedule. Based on a range of options, answering rules route calls for your company’s main number as well as for individual extensions and mailboxes.

Always be in the right place at the right time to take calls. Call Forwarding is completely transparent to the caller and makes it possible for your company to be on-call, all the time.

Whether you are using your desk phone, the mobile app, or a softphone, you can now share your Presence status—available, busy, or on-hold—with your admins or colleagues. Easy to configure and manage, Presence across devices is a unique feature only available through RingCentral, delivering convenience and improved productivity.

With Call Flip, you can simply move an ongoing call between your desk phone, mobile phone or softphone. Call Flip is easy to setup and offers convenience and flexibility for call handling.

Parking a call allows you to hold calls in a virtual location and retrieve them from any desk phone in your system.

Share one phone number across multiple phones, and answer calls from any phone.

With Intercom, you can make announcements via desk phones to colleagues across all your office locations.

Paging lets you make real-time, one-way announcements to multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices.

RingCentral call logs keep a complete record of all your inbound and outbound calls and faxes. View the name of the caller, the number, or extension dialed, as well as the time, date, and duration of the call.


Audio conferencing and online meetings empower you to hold conversations, share presentations, and collaborate around the world—as part of your complete cloud phone solution.

Host HD video conferences with up to 50 attendees around the world—anytime, anyplace—using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Share from files your desktop, websites, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and more with team members and customers.

You get unlimited audio conference calling with a single company bridge. Each user has their own host and participant access codes, so you can hold conferences whenever you want—with up to 1,000 attendees.

Voicemail and greetings

Create and modify business voicemail inboxes and greetings with ease. Access your voicemails with the latest tools for receiving messages in the format of your choice.

RingCentral voicemail ensures that you never miss an important message. Access your voicemail anywhere, anytime from your online account, mobile app or desktop app. Receive notifications via email and SMS, or read the voicemail transcription directly from the RingCentral apps.

Voicemail-to-email enables you to receive voicemail messages in emails and listen to them on the go.

Visual voicemail allows you to easily manage voicemails in your online account, on your PC or Mac, and even on your mobile device with the RingCentral mobile app.

Use greetings to establish your brand and enhance your company’s image.

Business SMS

Now you can send and receive text messages from your business number. Maintain your professional identity with business contacts and access a range of features on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

No need to use your personal number for texts, RingCentral offers the industry’s first professional text solution. Send messages from your business phone number to colleagues, clients, and departments.

You can use the RingCentral mobile app for iPhone® and Android™ to mobilize your company phone system. Use one business number for voice, fax, and now Business SMS.

Business SMS seamlessly works across devices—including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Features include number blocking and push and email notifications.


Integrating your cloud-based phone system with the apps you rely on most brings your communications to a new paradigm of connectivity and productivity.

Send faxes directly from your Box account. The RingCentral FaxOut app makes it quick and ease to fax your Box documents for no additional cost.

With integration between your RingCentral phone system and Desk.com, your company’s customer service team gets a boost in productivity. Experience easy click-to-dial within Desk.com and automatic case creation with each incoming call.

Increase productivity by handling all of your business communications without leaving Google. Make calls directly from Gmail, expand access to Google Hangouts, and fax directly from Google Docs and Drive. With RingCentral, Google is open for business.

Handle all of your business communications without leaving Office 365. Manage calls and texts directly within Office 365 Mail, schedule RingCentral meetings in Office 365 Calendar, and merge all of your contacts on one easily searchable interface.

Providing real-time connectivity with RingCentral, your agents can make and receive calls directly from within Oracle Sales Cloud. Instantly view call records, efficiently manage customer interactions, and deliver superior levels of customer service.

Handle all of your business communications at your Microsoft Outlook desktop client with RingCentral for Outlook. Make and receive calls and texts directly within the main Outlook interface, schedule RingCentral meetings in the Outlook Calendar, and merge all of your contacts on one easily searchable interface.

With RingCentral for Salesforce®, you get improved productivity and call efficiency. Quickly make calls from within Salesforce® with just one click. Instantly view caller records with incoming calls, and easily log call notes to specific contact records.

Enhance your customer service experience with seamless integration between the RingCentral cloud phone system and Zendesk. Simply click to dial to make calls within Zendesk.com. A ticket is automatically created when a call arrives.

Internet fax

The evolution of fax has no hardware and no separate number. Send and receive faxes from multiple sources with advanced updates and logs.

Send and receive faxes from your computer, mobile device, Microsoft Office®, cloud storage providers, (such as Dropbox™), and more.


Your cloud-based office phone system is ready to travel on your mobile devices, including your laptops. Work where you want, how you want.

With the RingCentral mobile app on your iPhone® or iPad®, enjoy your freedom and take your phone system with you.  With advanced features such as HD call, Business SMS, fax, conferencing, online meetings, and team collaboration, never miss an important message.

With the RingCentral mobile app on your Android™ device, enjoy your freedom and take your phone system with you – with advanced features such as the industry’s first Business SMS, HD voice, fax, conference calling, online meetings, and smart team collaboration.