Wired & Wireless Network Management Services

Wired & Wireless Network Management Services needed? Core Managed offers a variety of services to keep your business network running smoothly. From our “Not a Problem!” managed support service, troubleshooting networks, we will manage your business’ IT support system.   We let you focus on managing what’s important to you.

What Is “Not a Problem!” Support?

In a nutshell, our “Not a Problem!” support program acts as insurance for all your systems. For a flat monthly rate, we’ll manage your entire system;  This includes any servers, workstations, firewalls, anti-virus, and email systems are all covered. Our goal is for our clients to have a problem-free network.  We provide peace of mind in knowing they won’t experience costly, unexpected repair costs.

NETWORK MANAGEMENT Support that is on your side!

In a traditional client-computer repair company relationship the client would call the support company when something breaks. The support company then sends out a technician, resolves the issue, and sends an invoice. This is “break fix” support: something breaks, the supporting company fixes it. This model is flawed. Why?

In a traditional break fix model, the computer support company’s incentive is for equipment to break down!

That model relies on you failing. Our model relies on your success. Think about it – the only time your support company makes money in that kind of relationship is when you’re having problems. We want to see your business succeed.  If something goes wrong, we are here to to fix it when you need us most.

What if I don’t always need full time support?

We understand that, sometimes, you just need support occasionally. For small businesses that do not require full time support, our team is available on an as-needed basis, at affordable rates. Our entire portfolio is available in whichever way suits your company best. Fast, efficient service when something breaks guarantees your company stays up, running, and on track whenever an issue with your network or computers occur. With our proactive support you can be assured we will stay on top of issues, and even eliminate issues before they happen if possible. You can depend on us for all of your IT needs.