How are you doing it?

Logging in to your different applications, I mean?

Increasingly some apps are offering an alternative to just entering your email and password.

I’m seeing more and more people using biometrics to log in. And it’s great, because it’s almost impossible for someone to clone your face, your fingerprints or your retinas.

Around 150 million people are already using biometrics. And with more and more devices, apps, and software giving you the option of using biometrics rather than traditional passwords, that number is only going to increase.

So how do you get started?

You may already be using biometrics to access your phone, with Face ID or fingerprint ID. Newer laptops and tablets are now giving you this option to access your device, and to manage your passwords across online accounts and apps.

But where it doesn’t come as standard, you can easily add a USB fingerprint reader to a laptop or desktop.

Then you simply use Windows Hello (or Windows Hello for Business, which is slightly different) to set up access.

As we’re seeing cyber-crime rise every year, it makes sense to take any new measures to protect your business and its data. Especially when it’s such a low cost solution.

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