Baker Milligan: Accounting Case Study


Baker Milligan CPA:​

Baker Milligan is a leading professional accounting firm specializing in comprehensive accounting services, including tax planning and preparation, auditing, bookkeeping, financial planning, and consulting. With a strong concentration in agriculture, the firm serves a diverse clientele ranging from individuals and small businesses to large corporations.

“At Baker Milligan, safeguarding our clients’ data is paramount. Partnering with Core Managed to enhance our cybersecurity was a game-changer. Their tailored approach and proactive measures gave us peace of mind, knowing that our client’s information is protected. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”
– Jeff Milligan, Baker Milligan


Baker Milligan faced a significant challenge concerning cybersecurity. Despite being proactive in adopting cloud technology and decommissioning on-premise servers, the firm recognized the escalating threat landscape and the need to strengthen its cybersecurity posture. With cybersecurity threats targeting CPA firms on the rise and lacking stringent industry regulations, Baker Milligan aimed to proactively safeguard client data and protect the firm’s reputation.


To address the security challenge, our team implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy tailored to Baker Milligan’s needs. Leveraging our full
stack of cybersecurity tools, including user training, phish simulation, firewalls with active security services, endpoint protection, SIEM, SOC, and cloud security, we fortified the firm’s defenses against cyber threats. Our approach emphasized user education to enhance awareness of cybersecurity best practices and mitigate the risk of human error.


The implementation of our cybersecurity solution yielded tangible results for Baker Milligan. By adopting proactive measures and leveraging advanced cybersecurity tools, the firm significantly enhanced its resilience to cyber threats. The incident response capabilities enabled swift action in addressing potential security incidents, such as email hacking attempts. Despite encountering challenges, such as malicious actors attempting to manipulate payment instructions, Baker Milligan remained vigilant and responsive, underscoring the effectiveness of our cybersecurity measures.


Our collaboration with Baker Milligan exemplifies the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in safeguarding sensitive data and preserving the reputation of professional services firms. By partnering with us to implement a robust cybersecurity strategy, Baker Milligan demonstrated its commitment to client confidentiality and data security. Moving forward, the best practices established during this engagement, including user education and comprehensive cybersecurity tooling, serve as valuable resources for addressing similar challenges in the future.

In the end, our team partnered with Baker Milligan to address cybersecurity challenges, provided insights into the client’s background, identified hurdles, implemented solutions, and achieved results. Through proactive cybersecurity measures and collaborative engagement, Baker Milligan fortified its defenses against cyber threats, ensuring the continued integrity and security of client data.

“Maintaining client trust is essential to our reputation. Core Managed’s cybersecurity solution not only strengthened our defenses against cyber threats but also demonstrated our commitment to client confidentiality. Their expertise and support have been invaluable to our firm.”
– Jeff Milligan, Baker Milligan